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Eat Ice Cream again!

Lactose intolerant? no worries. I don’t know if it’s because of Crohn’s or if I would have been lactose intolerant any way, but my body just can’t handle dairy. One of the things I want more than anything is to eat a bowl of…

Spinach Turkey Burger

Seasoned turkey ground together with spinach to make a delicious burger any beef eater would be happy to eat. I love burgers, I love turkey, and guess what?! I love spinach too. So why not combine three of the things I love into one…

Luscious Braised Pork

You know those dinners that just taste better the next day as leftovers? That’s what this is. The Gochujang and wine really gets into the meat and, OMG, I can’t even tell you how good it tastes.  Just writing this is making my mouth…

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