International Woman’s Day

It’s International Woman’s  Day

Watch my video and let’s celebrate each other.



St. Patties Day Door Hanger

Bring a little green to your door with this easy, inexpensive, and fun project.


2 People, 4 Meals, 1 Roast

  I think Tiffany purposely buys Roast  to see what I will come up with for dinner.

This week is going to be all about speed and convenience.  I have a busy week planned so I don’t want to spend a whole lot of time cooking. Plus I need to use up some of the things in my Pantry so I can make room for more.. LOL..

Day One:

I love finding reasons to break out my meat grinder.  Got another one for you today.. It’s also a good idea to cut up the meat and put it in separate freezer/refrigerator bags for the other meals we will make this week.

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This week it’s a Beef Roast.

After seeing the prices of ground beef this week I knew that one of our dinners would have to involve the meat grinder.

If you haven’t  already take a quick look at my blog post The Step by Step Guide to Grinding Meat   or watch the Video on YouTube

Ok so here we go with 2 People, 4 Meals, 1 Roast

This first thing I did was to grind up 1/2 pound of the Roast and put it right into the meat grinder for Day One’s dinner.

#mythings2do #mt2d
Chuck Roast being ground up

Quick Stuffed Peppers 

Click title to open recipe.
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Quick and Very Easy To Make Stuffed Peppers

More Than I Needed

Well as it turned out a little over 1/2 pound of Ground Beef was more than I needed to stuff 2 Bell Peppers.. Soooo. I made a meatloaf with the extra mix I had!!

#mythings2do #mt2d
Put the meat mixture in a loaf pan add the rest of the can of diced tomatoes and cook it alongside the Stuffed Peppers you’re making. Cool and Freeze for another day.



Day Two:

No Wok ? No Problem

On this next day I am making Stir fry.

#mythings2do #mt2d



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