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Let’s take our animals for a walk

Do Bearded Dragons go for walks?  Not mine.. LOL Today I wanted to talk about harnesses and leashes for your pet bearded dragon. I’ve seen a few pictures of some leashes and harnesses. After looking at the prices I decided to crochet my own. I…

Repurposing Your Flea market Finds

Repurpose its use for something new and affordable Flea markets, thrift stores, and yard sales are all the craze. You can find almost anything imaginable and repurpose its use for something new and affordable. I started out with $20. to spend and was determined…

Dog Toys

Welcome to Rivers Corner. Today River wanted to share her new dog toys mommy made for her. I’m still not sure how she knew it, she patiently sat waiting while I stuffed and sewed her bone together then promptly took it out of my hand to…

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