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Eat Ice Cream again!

Lactose intolerant? no worries. I don’t know if it’s because of Crohn’s or if I would have been lactose intolerant any way, but my body just can’t handle dairy. One of the things I want more than anything is to eat a bowl of…

Bacon Turkey Burger Poutine

Why, but more importantly, what is Poutine? Friday is coming. I’m sorry I meant Fry Day. French Fry Day that is.  I wanted to make a recipe that made French fries the star. In my search to find a recipe that made French fries…

Easy Fried Baked Chicken

Easy Fried Baked Chicken I know the name sounds funny, but trust me this chicken is so good. Sometimes I feel like I’m the Bubba Gump of chicken. I could eat it roasted, baked, barbequed, nuggets… You get the picture right? The only issue…

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