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Fire Starters

New ways to light your fire For a lot of people you may never need a fire starter.  But for others you either have a fire pit, or like to camp out, bon fire or just want a new way to light your fireplace….

Camping at Jones Lake State Park

Camping out at Jones Lake State Park Aww. What a wonderfully awesome 3 days we spent camping out at Jones Lake State Park. It’s located at 4117 NC Highway 242 North Elizabethtown, NC 28337. Jones Lake is approximately 8,000 feet long with a diverse…

How to Create a Camping A/C

This is what my girlfriend made for us to stay cool inside the tent while we were camping. She calls it her redneck a/c unit. I simply call it the camping a/c. Things you’ll need to create a camping a/c unit are: Styrofoam cooler….

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