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Things to Know About Me

It was New Year’s day and I sat down to make a list of my things 2 do for the upcoming year. Not resolutions because well I just don’t do resolutions.
That was the title of my About Me page when I first started this blog in 2016. I make it a habit to never make resolutions because well let’s face it, people, hardly ever go through a resolution. So instead I make goals. and if I don’t finish a goal that’s OK I will add it to the next year.
I named my goal list My Things 2 Do. and I realized that this list could be other peoples things 2 do list too! A blog was born.
Last year wasn’t such a good year for me. Crohn’s kept me in pain for most of the year. I spent a lot of time out of work and either in bed or on the couch. I’m sorry my blog suffered for it.. Near the end of the year, I had surgery and I am feeling much better.
Here we are at the beginning of 2018 and I have a new and not so new list of My Things 2 Do for this year. Join me while we make things happen.
This year I’m in the mood for all things homemade such as homemade butter, bread, coffee mate even. And crafting, I love crafting. Let’s make things together.
This blog is for the crafters in all of us. For those who want easy to follow recipes.There’s a series on Crohn’s, juicing. foods and ways to feel healthier. Go from zerotohero with money saving ideas.
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More about me: Because of Crohns I work a regular J.O.B from home doing customer service work. This allows me time to work on recipes, crafts, and other things. I start my day with morning Devotions, then 30 minutes of cleaning ( there’s a series on that too!) and sit and work on other things.
My fiancé and I have hobbies we found together such as going to the gun range, archery and travel. We love repurposing flea market find and playing with our four legged daughter River. Come back for all of River tested crafted toys and recipes.

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