Shrimp Carbonara

I love a good Carbonara and I love Shrimp so why not put them together?!!

Do I really need to say anything else? lol.

If you love Carbonara but have never made it yourself, let me tell you now it is so very easy to make.

Another plus to Carbonara is that it’s quick. When I say quickly how does having dinner cooked and your sitting down to eat all in 20 minutes sound to you?

Take a look at this video:



1 pound Bacon cut up into small pieces
1 pound Shrimp seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic powder
1 pound Angel Hair Pasta
2 large Eggs
1 cup Parmesan Cheese


Cook bacon until done. Do not drain off bacon fat. Add the seasoned Shrimp and stir.
While the shrimp cooks make the sauce.
In a large bowl whisk eggs and add the cheese. Continue to whisk. Add lots of cracked pepper. I use close to a tablespoon.
Add the noodles right from the pot into the pan with the shrimp and bacon. Stir it around. Now add all of this to the bowl with the sauce you made. If it seems too thick add some of the pasta water to the bowl.
Stir everything and serve. No need to worry that you’re eating raw eggs. The cooked pasta mix will cook the eggs, not scrambled but cooked.

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I absolutely love this recipe. If you love it too leave a comment below a pic comment.

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Shrimp Carbonara, it was mythings2do. Make this your thing 2 do too.


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