Easter Baskets On a Dime

I was able to get these wonderful Easter Baskets On a Dime.

my things 2 do
All 4 baskets came to a total of $20

Why spend $20 per basket at department stores when you can go to the dollar store purchase what you know your children will enjoy for considerably less than that.

I love making things very personal for my grandchildren and in these baskets, I crocheted bunnies holding an egg. Each child gets a bunny in their favorite color holding a different color egg.


#mythings2do #mt2d

The directions for this adorable bunny is on a wonderful website. http://www.anisbee.canalblog.com Scroll down until you see Valentin. No worries when you see the instructions are written in French. There is an English translation as well.

I made this bunny holding a heart for my wife for Valentines Day. I got such a good response from her that I just had to make them holding eggs for the grandkids for Easter.


#mythings2do #mt2d
My granddaughters favorite color is Rainbow.

What I love the most about making my own baskets is that I can put in it what I know my grandchildren will love. For instance my granddaughters favorite color is rainbow. Can you even imagine? So for her, I made a rainbow bunny.


After you’ve filled the baskets with all the goodies you’ve bought (spending very little on them), wrap the whole thing up in basket bags. Again purchased at the dollar store.  This makes the whole present look like the baskets purchased at the department store that cost so much.

Not counting the yarn for the bunnies because as you know a knitter or crocheter is never without yarn, I spent $20 for all 4 baskets. I can’t wait for them to see it all!!

Comment below or better yet post a picture of the baskets you’ve made for your little ones for Easter… Happy Easter everyone.

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