No Wok No Problem

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Tonight’s dinner with be sticking to the quick and convenient theme for this week.
In the zip lock with the cut strips of Beef, I put in a tbsp. of minced garlic, a tbsp. of dried minced onions, a few shakes of soy sauce, a few shakes of worcheshire sauce, and a few shakes of teriyaki stir fry sauce.
I let this marinate for 1-2 hours.
I just really don’t have time for rice today. So instead of making rice for this meal I’m going to use

You can find this in your local grocery store or click here to order it online.
I have some frozen broccoli and sweet peas..


Hmm got a part of my Wonder Woman Pj’s in the pic.. lol


I know it’s all green and brown at this point. Some times you just cant help the color of things. You gotta use whatcha got.. lol
Last but not least I’m adding eggs in this.. And for good measure I’m adding a fried egg on top of Tiffany’s serving and an over easy egg on top of mine..



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