The Step by Step Guide to Grinding Meat

Why Grind Your Own Meat?

The question isn’t why grind your own meat. The question is why aren’t you already doing it?

For the price of a package of ground meat, I buy a roast or loin and can use that package of meat for two or more meals. Another plus for me is adding spices I love without worrying that my pre-ground, pre-seasoned meat will have spices that I don’t love in it.

I’m not going to bore you with a lot of written stuff.. Instead see how much fun I had making this beautiful dish by clicking  YouTube

Fresh Pasta with meatballs in a parmesan sauce

After seeing the video and you want to have your own meat grinder click here to find one on Amazon.

Click Easy to make Homemade Pasta  and add your favorite alfredo sauce to finish the meal.



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