3 Steps For making Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

3 Steps For making Brown Sugar Lip Scrub

This year I wanted to make and give Christmas presents to my family and friends.

This recipe and  the others that are linked to this one can be made for any occasion. Today I’m using the 3 Steps For making Brown Sugar Lip Scrub for my neighbors and daughters for Christmas gifts.

Kissable Lips

Lip scrubs are not only sweet tasting they are great for your lips. They rub the dead cells off your lips making them smooth and kissable.

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So let’s get started.


1 part Honey

1 part Coconut oil

1 part Brown Sugar

Clear Empty Jars



Place all ingredients in a large bowl and mix well.

Spoon the Brown Sugar Lip Scrub mixture into clean well sanitized jars.

I used empty baby food jars that I cleaned out and them sanitized them by adding them into a pot of boiling water.


I keep my jar of Brown Sugar Lip Scrub on the bathroom counter and use it daily. I love how my lips feel after I use this scrub.

I taped  ChapStick  to the side of the jar as an added gift.

Brown Sugar Lip Scrub
Brown Sugar Lip Scrub







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