5 guns recommended for Prepping



5 guns recommended for Prepping by Tiffany Outdoors

As promised I’m restarting mt2d (My things 2 do) blog with things that I enjoy doing as well as things I want to learn about.

Today’s my things 2 do is about the YouTube channel Tiffany Outdoors and today’s blog is on the 5 Guns she recommended for prepping.


I asked Tiffany about each of the 5 Guns she chose and her reasons for choosing them.

To watch her entire video on these 5 Guns click on this link.

Of her 5 recommended Guns, Tiffany hasn’t yet found the hunting gun she would like to own. As she pointed out, gun enthusiasts have many different options on which they think is best gun.

We talked about the other Guns on her list and the biggest thing she stressed is the comfort of the gun in her hand.

If you have any prepper ideas share them here in the comments as well as on Tiffany Outdoors click here for link.





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