Easy to make Homemade Pasta

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Easy to make Homemade Pasta

If you’ve seen this post before I’ve updated it some and added a YouTube video  to watch . So if this is your second or third time seeing this jump down to Easiest to make Homemade Pasta.

Now for my first timers here we go

OK, so why make fresh pasta other than because I’ve never made it?  Well over the holidays I made  fresh whipped cream for a recipe and when I tasted that I swore I would never buy the store-bought kind again. It was amazing and so simple to make. It got me thinking what else do I love that I want to make fresh…

So here we are.

I’ve looked at many recipes and I’m going to try a few and see which one works the best for me.  Some of my tips even came from a non cooking channel show.

Here’s a tip

The first tip I have is have your eggs at room temperature. To do this you’ll want to take your eggs and put them in a bowl on the counter for about 30 minutes.  The reason for this is the eggs will blend  much more easily if you take the time to take the chill off of them before using them.

Which flour to use?

I read several things about flour. This is what I found.  There are  three kinds of wheat flour you’ll find mentioned in pasta recipes: semolina, all-purpose, and the high-protein, finely milled “00” flour.  I used all-purpose flour for my recipe. It’s the flour most people already have in their pantries.

Salt and Oil

To salt or not to salt and to oil or not to oil. Well some recipes I read added salt in the mix. I prefer to just add the salt in my cooking water only. As far as the oil in the mix. I am going to try several recipes the first doesn’t use oil.

Easiest recipe for Homemade Pasta

The first one I picked seemed the simplest of them all. It called for 2 ingredients. I had an awesome time making this. At first I wasn’t so happy about having the dough stuck to my fingers so I may use either my food processor or my mixer with the dough hook.  But for this first one I wanted to do it all by hand literally. (Since the first showing of this blog I have used my food processor and will continue using it as a way of mixing my dough)

2 ingredient pasta

This recipe makes enough pasta for 2 people


2 Large Eggs room temp

1 cup All-purpose Flour



Place both ingredients into a food processor, blender, or like for my first time on a counter and mix by hand.

Need to Knead

Next comes the kneading. Place dough on lightly floured surface; flatten slightly. To knead dough, fold dough in half toward you and press dough away from you with heels of hands. Give dough a quarter turn and continue folding, pushing, and turning. Continue kneading 5 minutes or until smooth and elastic, adding more flour to prevent sticking if necessary.


Roll it up and cover


At this point you want to make a ball with your dough and nearly every recipe I read said to cover tightly with plastic and let sit for various amounts of time. The shortest amount of time was 15 minutes  with the longest being up to 6 hours.


Let’s strip this dough



After letting the dough rest I shaped the dough into a cylinder about 6 inches long and cut it in half working with half the dough at a time.  I rolled one half until it was paper-thin.



Next I used a tip from yet another recipe and folded my sheet in 2 inch intervals until I had a flat rectangular roll. Then I cut my strips with width I wanted.



I gently uncurled my strips and laid them on a floured baking sheet and continued with the rest of my pieces of dough.




It’s at this point that if you want t you can freeze your pasta for later use. Transfer baking sheet of pasta to freezer, and freeze until pasta is firm. Transfer to zipper-lock bag and store for up to 2 weeks. Cook frozen pasta straight from freezer.

But if like me you wants to know right away how well you did then get that pot of salted water ready and let’s cook this batch.

Ocean Water

Before we cook this make sure your water is like the ocean…..salty. You see since we didn’t add any salt into our dough it doesn’t have enough of a flavor and the salted water will give it the flavor it needs.  Cooking time is anywhere from 4-6 minutes. Unless you’re going to use the pasta in a sauce then I recommend cooking for only 3 minutes as it will continue to cook in the sauce.

Fresh Pasta with meatballs in a parmesan sauce

In this recipe I used my meat grinder to grind up a pork loin and make meatballs. Use this link to go to my YouTube channel and watch how I made it.


Get creative and make flavored pastas.

I added fresh chopped Rosemary to my pasta dough before resting. Continued with the rest of the steps. After cooking I added a little butter to taste and serve.



Then I tried my hand at making Pesto Ravioli! Wow!


Use the same steps as in making the pasta. Instead of cutting the pasta to make noodles leave it in sheets. Put whatever filling your wanting down, about every inch or two. Place another sheet of pasta on top and using a cookie cutter or any other round or square object cut out your ravioli.  I didn’t have any cookie cutters handy so I used a small glass to cut out my rounded shapes. I used a fork to crimp the ravioli closed. Continue the same steps for cooking as with the noodles. Enjoy!!

Easy Homemade Fresh Pasta was My Thing 2 Do… Make it Your Thing 2 Do Too..

Leave me a comment about how your pasta turned out and what you clever ways you made and served it.  Don’t forget to Subscribe to my blog while you’re here.




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