Fire Starters

Let’s talk Fire Starters

Let’s talk about fire starters a little today.  For some this is an important subject. If you’ve ever been in a campground trying to light a fire or back yard and want to get the fire pit going you know all too well how starting a fire can be a difficult thing. Well for that matter a fireplace can be hard to get going sometimes as well.

So what I’ve done is put together a few fire starting objects and rated them according to how well they lit during a windy day and how long they stayed lit (this is important because you want to know that your wood will have enough time to catch fire).

All the methods I used didn’t involve using any chemicals save for one that was soaked in Alcohol. I prefer not to have a lot of unnecessary chemicals floating around the air. Plus it’s safer to not have to travel with flammable fluids while camping.

Ranking my preferences from 10 – 1, 10 being I wont be trying that again to  1 being I will use this from now on we start with the Wine cork method.

The wine cork Fire Starter method Ranked 10



With this method you are to soak the wine cork in alcohol until completely saturated through.

Take the wine cork and light it.. Or in my case attempt to light it. After several attempts of lighting the cork I gave up.  I know not much to tell about this one.. I wasn’t impressed. If you’ve tried this and it worked for you let me know.

Dryer lint and magnesium Fire Starter Ranked 9



This one was simply using dryer lint and a magnesium fire starter. Using the  directions for the magnesium fire starter I was able to get the dryer lint to catch but within seconds it was  burnt up. This will not be useful in starting  fire wood. I gave it a 9 because it lit but like I said stayed lit for just a few seconds.

Dryer lint inside of paper towel roll Ranked 5



Save up your dryer lint and either empty paper towel rolls or toilet paper rolls. Stuff the rolls with the dryer lint until it’s coming out slightly from both sides of the roll. If using the paper towel roll you’ll want to cut this in half.

Light either end of the tube or both ends if you prefer. This stayed lit for several minutes making it easy for the wood to catch.  I liked this but for packing purposes it was  a bit bulky which is why I gave it a 5 ranking.

Petroleum Jelly covered cotton balls Ranked 5


While this worked well for lighting a fire the reason I didn’t rank it higher was because it’s a bit messy.  All you do is put about a tablespoon of petroleum jelly inside of a plastic baggy and put a cotton ball inside. Squish the cotton ball around and cover it completely with the petroleum jelly. Take it out place the cotton ball in your pit and light.  This method lit quickly and stayed lit for more than 3 minutes. Again the only problem I had with this method is it’s messiness which is why I ranked it at a 5.

Pinecone Fire starters Ranked 3



This method worked very well while we were camping and again for our fire pit and even the fire place.  They stay lit for quite a long time that allowed the wood to light easy.  I  make and sell these. You can find them  on EBay  look for  Indispensable Fire Starters from Pine cones.  You get 6 Pine cone fire starters for $10.50.

Only one is needed to light your fire.

If you prefer click here and order it straight from PayPal

. While I love using these at home for my fire pit or fire place, packing them for camping was a bit bothersome and bulky. The only reason I rank this at a 3 is because of it’s bulkiness. Otherwise this is a wonderful choice for backyard fire pits and home fire places.

Phoenix Fire Starters Ranked 1

Now for my favorite fire starters.

I call them my Phoenix fire starters (yes I sell these as well for those who would like to purchase them).

Let me first tell all the reasons I love these so much. They are compact easy to  store, travel well you can pack as many or as little as you want, they don’t take up much room at all and they stay lit for more than 3 minutes giving your wood enough time to catch fire.

One cotton ball can be halved and use one half to light your fire. So already your saving money.

The cotton balls are covered in wax. Cut one in half, place the halved ball in your pit and light it.

This is my number one pick for it’s  money saving features, ease in use, ease in travel and storage, and for the purposes of starting fires, awesome!

Now you can make your own or if you prefer order  a dozen for  $2.50 by clicking here Paypal.

For either the Indispensable Fire Starters or the Phoenix Fire Starters along with clicking on PayPal link send me a message below letting me know how may you are ordering.

You know what send me a message below anyway just to say Hi.

Oh and P. S. While comparing all these fire starters my neighbor offered one more  starter. He said to take a tablespoon of coffee creamer and light it.  Ok I tried that and got a very nice smelling caramelized  coffee creamer. Sadly no fire.




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