My Things 2 Do on gifts #mt2d

This weekend I went to a Bridal Shower and like all showers of all kinds, we played shower games!  At this Bridal Shower we played a few games that I’ve never played before. One was find the ring. Several plastic rings were hidden throughout the open areas of the house and who ever found the most rings won a prize. Another was guess the period the dress was popular, and another game I’ve never played was the Bride to be wore an apron with several items taped on to it. After parading in front of us for two minutes we had to write down the items we saw on the apron.

Sadly I didn’t win any of these. I won the game where you can say the words bride, married, or wedding. I only won because my lovely fiancé Tiffany kept saying those words so I was able to take her clothes pins from her. Clearly the other guest have been to several baby showers and bridal showers in the past.

Ok I said all that to say this. My prize for winning  a game was AWESOME! It was perfect for me. It also had me thinking that so many times we are in a pinch for a gift for either secret santa, bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays, well any gift giving time and so often we are stuck on what to get.

What I won was perfect for me because I’m a kitchen gadget girl. If it’s for the kitchen I either have it or I want it or I need another one.

The prize I wont was an ovenmit filled with a spatula, (I needed a new one), kitchen scissors, (again I needed a new one), whisk, (yep needed another one of those), pairing knife, (cant have too many of those), a slide measuring spoon, (that was awesome because I have two sets of those rolling around loose in my drawer and this one is an all in one),wooden spatula, and a silicone spatula that can withstand 400 degrees (I’ve successfully melted the tips of two of mine so yes I needed this one). *(hint, you can go to my links and order all of these items for your next gift to give)

Think outside the box and put together a gift box (or ovenmit, toolbox, sewing box, yarn bag) and put together a present that will awesome to the person your giving it to.

I can tell you already a person who is passionate about something will never complain that they have too many of something. I mean there isn’t enough yarn in the world for me to ever say that I have enough or too much. I have tons of crochet and knitting needles yet I always need another.

Have a coffee lover and you know they own a Keurig, Walmart has reusable pods for less than $5. You can purchase that and for a lot less than buying a box of coffee for the Keurig, you can buy several small bags of flavored coffee to put in the reusable pod.  Add a small coffee cake and vola.

Find out what  the person your buying for is passionate about and put something together. You can pick up things in Walmart, Target, heck even the dollar tree.

Say you have to buy generic well put together a “basket” of edible items; healthy snacks with a few indulgence items too. Add a comical book and your set.

My prize from the Bridal Shower

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