Tea Party Cupcake Doll

Do you remember those crochet bed dolls that  so popular back in the day?



Yea those..

Well I wanted to have a tea party with my granddaughter Abby and some of her friends and decided for desert to make her a cupcake doll reminiscent of the crochet bed doll.

And this is what I came up with.

Start with a dome shaped styrofoam ball. I purchased mine already cut in half



After cutting the hole on top I took the legs off my Barbie-ish doll and fit her into the hole.


I had some tissue paper and wrapped my dome in it then taped it underneath. This looked so good that my daughter actually thought that I had baked a cake and added cupcakes on top of that.

#mt2d #mythings2do


Now comes the fun part, baking the cupcakes.  Click here to find the recipe for both the cupcakes and the frosting.

After you have baked the cupcakes its time to start putting them on the doll display.



Keep going until she’s all covered. I  baked 72 mini cupcakes to cover my base.


Now that the cupcakes are on it’s time to frost them. I’m not the best at this so forgive the next picture. Even bad looking frosting still taste good.

#teaparty #mt2d #mythings2do




My granddaughter was so happy when she saw the cupcakes and immediately wanted the doll. Her oldest brother wanted to join the Tea Party too.



The girls enjoyed their tea…



Then everyone reached in for a cupcake. As you can see the boys didn’t mind joining the tea party either. lol



The Tea Party was a success. Miss Abby was happy to get her doll.

#teaparty #granddaughterlove #mt2d #mythings2do


I hope this inspires you to have your own Tea Party or maybe use this idea for a Birthday Party.

Leave a comment below and pictures of your Cupcake doll!



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