Mt2d This Weekend

My things 2 do this weekend..

Well my weekend didn’t exactly go the way I had planned. But the thing I like most about us is that we adapt well to change around here.

Tiffany and I had plans to wake up early Saturday morning, go to her mammogram appointment then come home and rest until noon. At which time we would go to Fayetteville Gay Pride  at the park.

I’m happy to say that Tiffany’s appointment went well.

It was then that she suggested that instead of going home to rest we find some estate sales or yard sales.

So I break out the trusty phone and check for some yard sales. Turned out  Maxwell Rd was having their annual 24 mile yard sale today!

So off we went towards the 24 mile long yard sale armed with $20 each and a determination to find bargains.

I was quite pleased with my haul.

As you see in the pictures below I picked up a Freestyle scooter and an Electric scooter and a Princess Barbie. All three for $6.00!

I’m going to paint the Freestyle scooter my grandsons favorite color, orange and the Electric scooter, black and white for my other grandson. The Electric scooter just needs the electric adaptor that I will look for online.

The Princess Barbie, for my granddaughter,  just needs her hair combed a bit.

So now that we’ve spent the morning going from house to house looking at yard sales we decide to go home shower, change and head out to the park for the Gay Pride event.

Turns out they canceled the day at the park or rather decided to do it Sunday at a different location.

Well since we were out and about we decide to go to a few thrift stores, restore and flea market.  Awesome idea!

The thrift store was a nice idea but didn’t really have anything I was looking for or wanted.

The flea market was nice to walk  around in. Honestly too pricey in my opinion though. I have a thing for street food so as we were leaving I got a taco from the food truck outside.

But the real bargain came from the restore. Every time we go to the restore we find a great deal and today was no different.

For a while I’ve been looking for a magazine holder for the spare bathroom. I hadn’t found what I wanted at the price I wanted.

Then SCORE! I found this little beauty for 32 cents!!!!!


After some cleaning up and painting it to match the bathroom I’ll finally have my magazine holder.

Tonight Fayetteville’s Gay Pride will celebrate at one of our local clubs and Sunday they will have a picnic with games and such.

We will not be attending either one of these. While I’m sure going to the club would be fun, we just don’t feel up to it. All that walking and sun (it was over 100 degrees today) just wore us out.

I decided to make Barbequed Chicken with my homemade barbeque sauce and Peach Cobbler (those who have subscribed to my blog were sent the email with the recipe for the Peach Cobbler) for dinner then watch movies.

Sunday I will perform a wedding for a friend of ours and her fiancé who have been together for 14 years!


So that was My things to do this past weekend.. What were your things to do?



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