Freeze ahead Dinners

Freeze ahead meals save both time and money

Two favorite things in my kitchen are my make ahead freezer meals and my slow cooker. I’m not talking about the freezer meals purchased at the grocery store, but the ones I make myself.
I used to think that the slow cooker was just for winter soups. Ha. Not so. I use my slow cooker for all sorts of meals including spare ribs, of course roast, and my make ahead freezer meals.
I don’t know about you but I just don’t seem to have time to stand by the stove and cook.
And if you have children forget about it, your busy as hell. There’s the after school activities, appointments, play dates never mind that you are doing all this after you’ve gotten off of work.
Even if you can afford it, who wants to eat take out all the time? Not me. I like knowing what’s in my food and fast food burgers just aren’t going to cut it.
Besides my girlfriend and I are doing our best to eat as healthy as we can.

We each have digestive issues. I have Crohns and she has IBS.

I cant eat a lot of raw vegetables where she loves having a salad twice or more a week.

I can eat meat every day all day long but do my best to have at least Monday meatless days. To help in our healthy eating life style I cook a seafood twice a week.

Freezer meals are wonderful to have and only take a little planning.

All highlighted items can be purchased at Amazon and delivered right to your door. I love internet shopping.

Some suggested products to have on hand are:

Reynolds Foil Bakeware Pans , these are great for storing casseroles, lasagnas and freezer to oven meals.

Reynolds Freezer Paper, great for placing on top of food for added protection. You can also use the paper to place in between items such as meats.

Reynolds Aluminum Foil, easy to shape and store foods in.

Ziploc Storage Bags, these are perfect for soups, sauces, stews, vegetables, etc. They are awesome so stock up on them.

Ziploc Storage containers, great for stack and storing foods. Also goo for warming foods in a microwave.

Glad Press ‘N’ Seal, clings to any surface and forms an airtight seal. I love this product.

Glad Oven Ware, good alternative to foil bake ware, goes m fridge to freezer to oven and bonus microwave safe.

Food Saver Vacuum sealer, I use this and have saved so much in storing food.

And don’t forget a Colorful Permanent Marker, a little pointless storing all this food if laer you have no idea what your looking at.

Ok now for the foods.


Freeze ahead chicken meals

frozen meals1
Freeze ahead chicken meals

I was able to make 20 meals in about an hour.

we purchased two 10pound bags of chicken leg quarters. Several different bags of frozen vegetables, long grain rice and seasons of your choice.

Because there are two of us I only used two leg quarters per bag.

Beef Bacon Cheese and Mac

frozen meals2

Since reheating frozen noodles doesn’t always turn out so great, I decided to prepare and package the sauces and or mixes. The noodles can be made fresh while the sauce reheats.

Creamy Bourbon Dijon Chicken

frozen meals3

Please exercise caution when using alcohol for cooking purposes.



Mongolian Beef

freezer meals 4

Serve this over fresh steamed rice and fresh green onions


One of my favorite bloggers has 10 delicious make and freeze meals. You’ve got give them a try.



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