30 Minutes to a Clean House

How can you get your house clean in only 30 minutes?

Let someone else do it? Well yes that’s one way. Unfortunately I don’t have anyone else to do it except me.
This is what I do to get my house clean in 30 minutes.

  • Take one day and totally clean it from top to bottom. I choose Mondays as my day because it fits in my schedule. It takes all morning to do but well worth it the rest of the week.

Take it one room at a time

Have all the supplies you need for each room your cleaning. It also helps to have a basket that you can put items in that belong in a different room with you so as you go through the house your placing items in the basket and then placing them where they belong.


  • keep all your cleaning supplies together in a plastic container. Make one for each bathroom for ease and quick clean ups. You can pick up a container at the Dollar Store. My container has an all purpose cleaner, toilet cleaner, mirror cleaner, shower cleaner, microfiber cloths, newspaper, disposable bags for the trash can, magic eraser (they sell these at the dollar store now) and paper towels.
Homemade bathroom cleaning products
  • I’ve recently started making my own homemade cleaning products. I’ll share the recipes for those on Friday. They work very well and I’m saving money.
  • First I put the homemade toilet bowl cleaner in the bowl and let it sit while I clean the rest of the bathroom. When I’m ready to clean it I use the paper towels and toilet brush.
  • I use the newspaper for the mirrors along with my homemade mirror cleaner.
  • The all purpose cleaner is used for the sinks and counters along with the microfiber cloths.
  • I use the magic eraser for my shower along with the all purpose cleaner.
  • Sweep and mop the floor
  • I keep a basket on my counter for hairbrushes, combs and such. A hanging make up bag and small toiletry bag for make up and nail polish items.

During the week I use  all purpose cleaning wipes to go in and quickly wipe everything down. This usually takes less than 5 minutes to do.

Bathroom schedule for my house is :

Monday: total clean top to bottom, sweep and mop

Tuesday and Thursday: Quick wipe with all purpose cleaning wipes

Wednesday and Friday: Quick wipe with all purpose cleaning wipes and sweep and mop.

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I use an all purpose basket for most of the rest of the house. It contains: air freshener, dusting agent and microfiber cloth, dusting wand (for the ceiling fans) and vacuum cleaner. My vacuum cleaner comes with a filter that can be taken out and washed. To save money I put a few drops of essential oil on the filter and that last an entire month!


  • On your major cleaning day change the sheets. When I change the sheets I spray the mattress with a disinfectant.
  • Dust the ceiling fan
  • Dust the side tables
  • Dust the blinds if you have them
  • Vacuum
  • I use the air freshener on the sheets and in the air

Monday: Total cleaning including change sheets

Tues and Thurs: Make bed, straighten up, use air freshener on the sheets

Wed and Fri: Make bed, vacuum, use the air freshener on the sheets

Living room

I use the same cleaning basket that I use for the bedrooms.

My Front door opens into the living room and included with the other cleaning supplies I also sweep and mop and front door threshold.

Monday: Dust everything including the pictures on the wall, Use an electronics cleaner for the television screen, dust the ceiling fan and blinds. Vacuum; spray furniture with air freshener. Put Rivers toys in her toy basket.

Tues and Thurs: Straighten up, pick up toys, spray furniture with air freshener

Wed and Fri: Vacuum, straighten up, pick up toys, and spray furniture with air freshener

Dining room

To keep my tablecloth clean I use placemats that can be wiped daily.

Monday: Dust everything including ceiling fans and blinds, vacuum, Launder tablecloth.

Tue and Thurs: Keep table cleaned off, straighten room

Wed and Fri: vacuum and continue to keep table clear and room clear

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This room is the gathering room and let’s face it needs to be cleaned on a daily basis. That is if you cook daily otherwise you might get away with not cleaning it daily.

On Mondays: including the daily washing of dishes, I use my kitchen all-purpose cleanser to the counter tops, sweep and mop the floor. Take out the trash.  This is the day I clean out  the refrigerator of any leftovers from the week before, clean the oven and clean the pantry.

Tue and Thurs: Of course daily dish washing, clean the counter tops with all-purpose cleaner, sweep and take out trash.

Wed and Fri: Still daily dish washing, clean counter tops, along with sweeping; mop the floors and of course take out the trash.

Laundry room

This room is the easiest and fastest to clean. On the days I do the laundry I clean the room.

Because there are two of us, I do the laundry twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays.

On those days after the laundry is finished I clean the washer and dryer using a damp sponge and all purpose cleanser to clean lid and outside of appliances. For the inside of the washer fill washer with water and  cups of vinegar, run through cycle. Clean lint filter in dryer. Sweep and mop floor.

By taking one day out of the week to do all my major cleaning I only need to spend a few minutes in each room the other days of the week to keep it clean.  The most important thing to remember is to not let cleaning your house stress you out. Take it one room at a time and if you have a schedule it will go more smoothly.

Here are some other cleaning schedule ideas


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