Basic Car Tips For Ladies

Basic things women should know about cars

I work for a company that takes calls from people whose vehicles have them stranded either on the side of a road, a parking lot or if they are lucky in their own driveway.

Many of these motorist are women and I’ve noticed a basic trend with them all. They know very little about the vehicle they are driving.

Now I’m by no means a mechanic but there are basic things we all should know.

So based on the calls I get plus asking a some women what are some the basic things they wanted to know about their vehicles I came up with this short list.

First let me stress Ladies (and some of you men) Please oh Please know what you are driving. I cant tell you how many times I get a call and the person laughs while telling me that they have no idea what the Make, Model or even Year of their vehicle is. This is unacceptable (not judging just fact).

Check the registration if you don’t know.

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Not in any particular order Let’s pop open the hood:

Checking the oil and putting some in.

You will see a cap that says oil on top of it and sometimes there’s even a picture of an oil can on it.

Oil cap

This is where you would put the recommended oil for your vehicle. Not just any oil will do make sure if you’re going to add oil that you use what is recommended for your vehicle.

Next to that or very close by it will be a stick. This is where you will check the oil level. It’s best if you have a napkin or paper towel before pulling this up.

Mine looks low only because I cleaned it off.


Oil stick

Don’t touch it

If you notice there is another stick very similar to the oil one. This is your transmission fluid. Don’t touch it. We may talk about that one another day but not today.

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Washer Fluid

In my car there is a cap that shows a picture of a windshield with water spraying from it. This is where the washer fluid goes.


washer fluid

There is a cap  where  anti-freeze will go. **** If your car is over heating DO NOT OPEN THIS****  I say that in caps only because I had a lady on the phone wanting to open this up in the hopes of adding water to the radiator.  Disaster will strike if opened hot. ok enough said about that.


Radiator Fluid *Do Not Open Hot*


Now my car has it’s battery hidden and for the life of me unless I get on the ground on my back and look for it, I cant find it. But what is very visible are the battery plugs. So if I do need a jumpstart I can easily access this.

Battery jump start connection port

There is a positive and negative charge. Red is positive, black negative. If your going to connect jumper cables yourself place the cable to the positive charge first.

And now for the tires.. Yay

It’s a good idea to open your trunk every now and then and check to see if you even have a spare.  Also to see if it is a donut (tiny temp tire) or a full size tire. Make sure this has air in it. It wouldn’t be so good to call someone one out to change this only to find out it is low.

A good thing to keep in your trunk would be a tire inflator.


All the tools you will need to change the tire should be kept with the spare as well.


I will be posting a video soon on how to change a tire. Even someone little like me can do it..

 What should I do?

Last but now least I get asked so many times this question. “While waiting for the tow truck should I get out of the vehicle and stand next to it or not”?

Stay in the vehicle with your seat belt on

The safest place to be is inside your vehicle with your seatbelt on and the doors locked.  I know this sounds like a no brainer but I get asked this question at least once a day.

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