August Lawn and Garden tips

Lawn and Garden tips

The most important thing this month is to enjoy your garden.

Remember to water and feed your plants regularly, especially those in hanging baskets, pots and roses growing against a sunny wall. Many a plant will not recover from a drought, so water regularly and do not resort to feast and famine.

Water hydrangeas with hydrangea colorant for true blue hydrangeas next year.

If possible, set up an automatic watering system for your vegetable plot, borders and even containers. They are worth their weight in gold and can work on a sensor system that detects how dry the soil is. Once you have one you will wonder why you did not install one years ago.

Mow regularly but do not bother to feed or water; it is a waste of time and will promote vigorous growth that may not stand up to the rigors of winter. If you live In North Carolina you know that we are getting enough rain where you don’t need to water anyway.  Come autumn, feed with a high phosphate content fertilizer to promote root growth and strengthen the grass for winter.

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Plant autumn flowering bulbs and start to plant spring flowering bulbs, especially tulips, daffodils, alliums,iris and crocus.

This is the last month for sowing salads outside. Plant quick maturing crops including lettuces .Also plant  Chinese cabbage, spring cabbage, endive, radish, fennel, turnips and winter spinach.


Then sit back and enjoy all you’ve accomplished!

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