Let’s take our animals for a walk

Do Bearded Dragons go for walks?  Not mine.. LOL

Today I wanted to talk about harnesses and leashes for your pet bearded dragon.

I’ve seen a few pictures of some leashes and harnesses. After looking at the prices I decided to crochet my own.

I also made one out of some leftover leather that I had.

I have two bearded dragons. One I call Iggy and the other Aracor.


Iggy wasn’t happy about being put into a harness and leash. Don’t let that smile fool you.



Aracor just looked at me sideways like he was thinking  ” ok now what do we do”?


I was in a playful mood so I made Aracor a spiked collar. Why? Well why not.. LOL

Last but not least…River wanted to show off her new crochet leash as well. Her leash is sewed onto the crochet collar


Crochet Bearded dragon Harness and Leash

Chain 13

Single crochet in 12 chains, chain 1 turn

Single crochet for 12 rows. fasten off

Attach with chain 1 at corner and single crochet in 2 stiches, trn

Single crochet in the 2 stiches for 12 rows.

Do this in  all 4 corners of the harness.

Make loop with top and bottom of corner flaps sew together to make leg holes.

For the leash .. chain 10 single crochet across foe 58 rows or however long you’d like it

Make a loop and sew to the 5th or 6th chain.  .


Leave pictures of your Dragon in his/her new harness and leash below…


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