Fire Starters

New ways to light your fire

For a lot of people you may never need a fire starter.  But for others you either have a fire pit, or like to camp out, bon fire or just want a new way to light your fireplace.

We have all four and I have been on the hunt to find ways to light them that doesn’t involve using chemicals and tons of newspapers.

Toilet Paper and Dryer Lint

The easiest fire starter to make is the toilet paper and dryer lint roll. All that is needed is an empty toilet paper roll and a collection of lint taken from your dryer. Now of course this will take some time to collect.  I keep a small plastic container with a lid on top of my dryer so as I clean my lint filter after each load I automatically put the lint into the container.

I first used this fire starter in our fire pit in the back yard. I found the result were pretty good. But then when we went camping and used the hard wood that we purchased from the Park Rangers, this fire starter didn’t work as well at all.

Cotton ball and candle wax

I found this idea on  Preppers Survive blog post.

Using a wax warmer or double broiler to melt wax, break up an old candle or new wax.  After the wax is melted, lightly dip cotton ball in wax covering the outer layer of the cotton ball with a thin layer of wax.

Then place the cotton ball on wax paper to dry. after it is dry , rip the cotton ball in half to use as a fire starter. The center of it should be wax free which will make it easy to light.

Cotton ball and Vaseline

Tiffany from Tiffany Outdoors, my girlfriend, told me about this fire starter.


Phoenix Fire Starters

These are pinecone fire starters that I make and sell



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