July’s Garden and House Tips

Lawn and Garden tips

Taking care of the Garden

Time to think ahead to October and Halloween. Start your pumpkin seeds outdoors at the beginning of July and they should mature into beautiful jack-0- lanterns in time for Halloween.


Harvest okra, cucumbers, squash, beans, and tomatoes, once or twice a week. Remember o keep the tomato plants well mulched when there isn’t much rain. This will help prevent blossom end rot.

Lawn tips


Make sure your lawn gets at least 1 inch of water per week.

Mulch grass clippings to help cool and feed your lawn.

Plant warm season grasses and keep watered. ( Remember the best time to water is early morning)

Make sure lawn mower blades are kept sharp.


 Household tips for July


Test carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
Check water softener, add salt if needed
Run water and flush toilets in unused spaces
Vacuum refrigerator coils
Check and clean range hood fan
Clean garbage disposal using baking soda and citrus rinds
Check all locks and deadbolts on  your doors and windows

Check back monthly for more tips

Share any household, Lawn or Garden tips you have below.



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