Repurposing Your Flea market Finds

Repurpose its use for something new and affordable

Flea markets, thrift stores, and yard sales are all the craze. You can find almost anything imaginable and repurpose its use for something new and affordable.

I started out with $20. to spend and was determined to find some awesome things. So off to the Thrift store, Flea Markets, Restore and my own backyard.

Repurposed lamp shade and plate total $1.25

I wanted a new cake/ cupcake platter but didn’t want to spend a lot of money on it. Well I was in luck. I picked up this little lamp shade for $.25 at a local flea market and spent a dollar  for the plate at the everything for a dollar store.

Flea market finds
Repurposed lamp shade and plate total $1.25

 Put them together

After washing my pieces, I used some yarn to mark my centers.


Then I used a small dab of marker to mark my points so I’d be able to line up the lamp shade and plate correctly.


I choose a water resistant super glue so I can hand wash my platter.


I put this all around the rim of my lampshade then placed the plate on top and let it sit overnight.


I now have this beautiful and very useful cake/cupcake platter!

Repurposed lamp shade and plate total $1.25

Outside bar style chairs

I was so excited about the lamp shade and plate purchase I had to see if I could find anything else. I found these outside bar style chairs. After a little haggling I spent $8. for the both them.

Befre pic
Outside Bar Chairs $8.

After spending another $4. on paint, a new dowel rod for $0.65, new bolts 6 of them at $.48 each, a little bit of fixing the material and clean up, we now have beautiful Outside Bar style chairs.

The first thing we did was take off all the hardware.


Once all the hardware was off we sanded all the pieces that were being painted.  Wiped down everything to get the dust sand dirt off with a damp paper towel.

Then came the fun part.. Paint all the pieces.

We put painters tape on the pieces that we didn’t take apart and painted them.


Both seats needed to be repaired. I don’t really sew and Tiffany came up with a great idea of using Rivet Pivots to repair the seats.


I compared these chairs online and found that they sell for  $100 and up brand new.  For less than $20  we have two new to you Bar Style Chairs. Tiffany will be making a table to go with our chairs. I’ll update this post when she’s made it. For now go to Tiffany Outdoors and watch as we rehabbed these two chairs!

Flea market chairs repainted and seats fixed

A new outside bed for River!

My best find was this old tire.

Old tires
Old tires $0.00

It actually was something I already had at home. I repurposed a tent cover that had some holes in it, left over paint we had in the storage shed and packing material that Tiffany brought home from work and Walla!

A new outside bed for River! Total cost $0.00

Rivers new bed
Rivers new outdoor lounge bed

I had a lot of fun shopping and then repurposing and making something new again. What are some of your favorite repurposed, recycled or reused items?



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