How to Create a Camping A/C

This is what my girlfriend made for us to stay cool inside the tent while we were camping.

She calls it her redneck a/c unit. I simply call it the camping a/c.

Things you’ll need to create a camping a/c unit are:

  • Styrofoam cooler. Your choice on size.
  • 2 inch PVC connector with threaded end
  • Battery operated fan (don’t forget the batteries
  • Knife for scoring and cutting.
  • Bag of ice


First using your knife,score and cut a hole on the side of cooler using the PVC threaded end as your template then screw pipe.


Next with your knife score around the fan and cut out the hole where the fan with lie on top.


Wait your almost done….

Fill the cooler with a bag of ice…


Place your battery operated fan on top, turn on and enjoy the cool air coming out of the PVC pipe!!


camping aircondtioner2
Make your own camping air conditioner

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