About Me

Let’s see what is there to say about me?  Well to start I love crafting, I always have loved it. Cooking has also been a passion of mine. Funny thing was though that I couldn’t cook worth a damn until I was almost 30 years old. I found some elderly women in a coffee shop that would tell me how they used to make things. None of this out of the box kind of food for them. I loved it. I continue to love it till this day. I started slowly moving away from ready made and boxed foods to making it naturally. Guess what I found. One when I make things like my own stock, butter and ground meat, I control not only the amount of salt but any and all seasonings and we save so much money. The other thing I found that making it myself was easy but most importantly it was fun.

I’m all about having fun. The love of my life and I found we have many hobbies that we enjoy doing together. Camping, hiking, archery, fishing, and going to the gun range.  It is our dream to camp and hike in every state. 

Rounding out my life are my adult children and my many grandchildren.  Oh yea this Oma loves spending time with the grands. 

Well that’s me in a quick nut shell.  Stick around while I do mythings2do.. Maybe you’ll enjoy doing your things 2 do too.